Youth Development in India

The value of a country is assessed not by the riches or assets it possesses, but by its people. A nation may be wealthy, but what’s more important than the actual wealth is collective intellect and intelligence of the people who 20170206180848.jpgcontribute to achieving it. The so-called “developed” nations can go extinct if their new generations fail to keep pace with their forefathers and drive innovation and growth, and “developing” nations can up their welfare by insightful planning and enthusiastic youth. To quote Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, “A youth is one who works towards his future goals, unmindful of the past.”

The youth determine how a nation shapes up a few years into the future, they are the future of the country and their action and inaction both contribute to the state of the nation. In developing and growing country like India, the youth of the nation can contribute to its growth by reaping the benefits of India’s youth development programme. India is the world’s largest democracy, and for this, it has to be governed efficiently: by well educated and highly skilled citizens.

20170206181123.jpgBringing in positive change, India is facing various social ills.The youth of the country can use their education to battle the problems that plague the country. They can fight every social inadequacy that keeps a nation stagnant.

Countries develop and improve when more of their youth are educated and use their knowledge for the country’s good. India is leaping ahead of many other nations in terms of infrastructure and opportunities, but what also needs progression at the same pace, is people’s mindset. If the youth are educated and willing to walk the extra mile to initiate positive changes, miracles can happen.

All through history, youth have been the harbingers of change from winning independence for our nation to creating new technologies, new forms of art, music and culture. Supporting and promoting the development of India’s youth must be one of the foremost priorities, across all sectors and with the stakeholders of any nation.

India has the largest youth population in the world that is estimated to increase further in coming decades. 70% of India’s population is below the age of 35. It is vital to utilise this demographic characteristic and channelize it in building the nation’s future.

20170206180422.jpgBy 2020, India’s population is expected to become world’s youngest; more than 500 million Indian citizens will be under 25 years of age, and more than two third of the population will be eligible to work. Thus a growing number of India’s youth need the right educational infrastructure, adequate employment and entrepreneurial opportunities to develop their skills. Make in India, Digital India, Skill India, Startup India, Standup India, Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao are a few major schemes already launched with the mission to cultivate and encourage innovative entrepreneurs.

By Nishant Singh