To Play or Not to Play: That Is the Question

children-1931189_640Today’s technology-oriented generation is living a virtual life. It is the era where technology can befool our minds into thinking we get wonderful experiences through virtual reality. Kids today have forgotten the true meaning of playing cricket, gilli danda and kite flying as they probably would have played it only on their phones. On the other side, our generation still gets nostalgic remembering childhood games and our friends. Have you ever wondered why they were your sweetest memories of the past? Well, when you look back and ponder a little, you will find that apart from being our favourite entertainment, games have played an important role in our lives: they shaped our personality!

action-1807520_640Back then, games relieved our whole day’s stress of schools, homework and exams. Today, we deliberately push ourselves to exercise in gyms, even if we hate it, but that time we used to get our exercise in while having fun. We had that never-ending stamina to run, throw a ball or catch it. We learnt the skills like leadership, teamwork, companionship, accepting out defeat or celebrating victory, presence of mind and much more. These are the traits which no notebook can teach us.

It’s ironic how we label a student as intelligent just by looking at his mark sheet. But intelligence in a true sense comes when a child is healthy, active and possesses social skills. This underrated status of games is not only because of social media but also because of parents. Every parent wants their child to be either a doctor or an engineer, they keep telling them to focus on studies, and quit playing. Games are a waste of time; this mentality is being fed into a child’s mind from the very beginning.  Very few parents understand that to conquer the world, a child’s inner hero needs to have overall development. He should know how to handle stress, interact with the world and this he will learn from his own experiences, and that usually happens when kids are allowed to play.

children-2142646_640The problem of today’s kids that we complain about, like depression, mobile phone addiction, weak immunity, lack of stamina and obesity, are all consequences of not playing outside. With technology, kids are getting lazier, and so, the parents’ responsibility is much greater now. They need to understand the importance of games and social interaction. So, next time, whenever you are free, open your door and introduce your child to the hidden treasures of games. Rest assured they will find it much more fun than their video games. Also, remember that playing is not going to ruin their future, but is going to make it. Keep playing!

By: Rupali Jain