Our Team


I’m Satinder, and in my leisure time, I like to design and paint but would also like to learn the art of tattooing. One of my goals is achieving perfection in every sphere of life. I believe in the principle of simple living and high thinking. My wish is to help anyone in need, regardless of them being a human or an animal. I would also want to create awareness among people of the importance of having a cleaner and greener Delhi.


My name is Mushayyada, and I’m pursuing BSW from IGNOU University where I gained knowledge in the field of social work and non-formal education. I completed my internship with Shikhar and volunteered in many NGOs: Etasha, Plan to Empower, Save the Children, Vidya and NDS. I’m currently working with CEQUIN (Centre for Equity and Inclusion). I’ve always liked to involve myself in social activities which helped me get acquainted with my society and people’s needs. It also posed an opportunity for me to help everyone in need. I’m always eager to learn, and I like to share what I’ve learned with others. I don’t have a lot of free time, but whenever I do, I love spending it with my family. I also like to keep myself occupied, if not with NGO work, then with indulging in contemplating causes of our society’s situation.


My name is Himanshu, and I’m communication director at AWOHES and life lover. Despite having a zoologist background, my heart lies in marketing, photography, public relations, fundraising and event organising. Fresh, creative and innovative ideas always grab my attention. Being highly sociable and a faithful friend, I decided to divert my attention to pursuing my passion: social work. As a social worker, I wish for a better, sustainable society in which everything is balanced. During my studies, I also gained international volunteering experience – I went to Slovenia, Europe, to partake in a 6-month EVS project. In my free time, I tend to indulge in gardening, sports and book reading, and pay frequent visits to the “Nature’s Library.” It is my belief that (human) connection is one of the most important values in life. This way we can exchange ideas, discover interesting details about each other and open ourselves up to new experiences.


My name is Abhinav, and I was born and brought up in Delhi. Currently, I’m pursuing a bachelor of technology studies, specialising in tool engineering. I taught a few kids in my neighbourhood and also participated in various events and competitions. I love to play outdoor games but not as much as spending time with my loved ones. I write stories and Shayari, on top of that I have my own blog.


My name is Huma, and I’m pursuing BSW from IGNOU University. In the past, I worked with Shikhar, CEQUIN and Etasha, which fulfilled my desire for connecting with and talking to new people. By nature, I’m a soft-hearted person, and I like the taste of freedom, being free from restrictions. Thus, a routine has no place in my life, and I embrace change as my best friend. I’m always ready to help other people, and in my free time, I like to read novels, go shopping and indulge in my favourite guilty pleasure: spicy food.


My Name is Anjali Shukla. I study in Delhi University, pursuing Hindi Honours course at Sri Aurobindo College. I enjoy interacting with people, learning new things and visiting new places. Currently, I am working on my communication skills. I have been helping as a volunteer in A Way of Happiness Educational Society since May 2017. Here, I teach slum children and youth and we also do fun activities together. When necessary, I help in community mobilization and raising awareness about our NGO amongst the society. It feels very good learning things here.


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